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Exceeding expectations with innovative engineering solutions

At Syngineering, we provide mechanical, process and electrical engineering design, drafting technical writing, commissioning, project engineering, project management, RPEQ certification and New Product Development (NPD) services. We offer simple but effective solutions to a variety of Coal Seam Gas (CSG), industrial, commercial, mining and civil applications. Some of the solutions our team of RPEQ certified engineers have provided include:

  • Refurbishing industrial machines (such as coil slitting and rolling mills)
  • Industrial materials handling systems
  • Lifting beams, Spreader beams, Trestles, C hooks
  • Walkways, ladders, platforms
  • Product storage racks
  • Forklift attachments
  • Cooling tower refurbishment and repairs
  • Reverse Osmosis plants
  • Water storage dams
  • Water transfer pumping stations
  • Coal Seam Gas water reinjection facilities
  • Coal Seam Gas separators
  • Diesel and gas fired generation
  • Robot cell installation and commissioning
  • Estimates and tenders for OEM's, Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 contractors, and
  • Much more….

Our engineering design, drafting technical writing, commissioning, project management, RPEQ certification and New Product Development services extend to:

  1. Engineering Design and Drafting

    The experience, knowledge, and flexibility of our design engineering team enables Syngineering to provide a complete set of design engineering services (mechanical, process, civil, structural and electrical).

    We specialise in the design, installation and commissioning of materials handling systems, lifting equipment, stairways, ladders and walkways, water treatment plants, water transfer stations, coal seam gas water reinjection facilities, generators and separator design. Our designs are drawn by tradesman and checked and approved by CPEng RPEQ certified engineers.

    Our design engineering and drafting services include:

    • Process design and simulation
    • Process plant layout
    • 3D Modelling
    • 2D Drafting
    • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
    • Design for Assembly and Manufacturing analysis
    • Product optimisation, and
    • Electrical design and drafting, and
    • As built electrical mechanical and process documentation updates, and
    • Much more….
  2. Technical Writing

    When it comes to technical writing, we focus on accuracy and simplicity, not just getting the document written. Our experience and hands on approach allow us to simplify the documents and our passion for detail ensures that it is correct.

    Our technical writing services include:

    • Product catalogues
    • Product manuals
    • Maintenance manuals
    • Training manuals
    • Functional descriptions
    • Process documentation
    • Policy documents, and
    • Much more….
  3. Estimation and Tendering

    When it comes to estimation and tendering, We take this step very seriously. It is something we just have to get right. At Syngineering, we provide experienced personnel for formalised Tendering and Estimating roles, to OEM's, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 Contractors, across the Mining and Energy and Oil and Gas Sectors.

    Our estimation and tendering services include:

    • Developing Scope of Works for re-distributable packages for diversification of responsibility, accountability and authority of resource involvement;
    • Managing resources, subcontractor/supplier engagement and overarching tender deliverables.
    • Ensuring that estimates are executed in accordance with the client’s specifications and design brief.
    • Accommodating Heath, Safety, Environmental and Quality requirements in tender submissions.
    • Scheduling engineering, procurement and construction activities.
    • Providing comprehensive handover packages to Project Execution Teams.
    • Analysing and commenting on proposed commercial terms of contracts.
    • Meeting tender deadlines for multi-stage Gate Review processes and Senior Management approvals, and
    • Much more….
  4. Commissioning

    Our commissioning teams specialise in the installation and commissioning of water treatment plants, Reverse Osmosis plants, pumping stations, factory upgrades and lifting equipment. Our experience combined with robust project management allows us to bring our skills assist and optimise and deliver the commissioning phase of projects.

    Our commissioning services include:

    • Reverse Osmosis Plants
    • Water Transfer Pumping Stations
    • Coal Seam Gas Reinjection facilities
    • Lifting equipment
    • Materials handling equipment
    • Gantry cranes
    • Jib cranes, and
    • Much more….
  5. Project Engineering and Project Management

    When it comes to project engineering and project management, we don’t just focus on meeting cost, quality and schedule targets, we use lean management, six sigma, our training, and many years of experience to optimise these outcomes.

    Our training and experience combined with a thorough understanding of the supply chain, allows us to provide optimal solutions to meet our customer’s needs. We are constantly looking for ways to leverage our engineering experience, our training, our knowledge of the supply chain to deliver cost and time improvements for our customers.

    Our project engineering and project management services include:

    • Coal Seam Gas
    • Water storage dams
    • Reverse Osmosis Plants
    • Water treatment facilities
    • Pump stations
    • Steel rolling and slitting machines
    • Robot cells
    • Automated production lines, and
    • Much more….
  6. RPEQ Certification

    When it comes to RPEQ certification, all our designs and drawings are checked and approved by not only tradesman but also CPEng RPEQ qualified engineers to ensure that they comply to Australian Standards. We can also check and certify your existing products, giving you peace of mind that you comply.

    Our RPEQ certification services include:

    • Lifting beams, Spreader beams, Trestles, C hooks
    • Walkways, ladders, platforms
    • Product storage racks
    • Forklift attachments
    • Reverse Osmosis plants
    • Water transfer pumping stations
    • Coal Seam Gas water reinjection facilities
    • Coal Seam Gas separators, and
    • Much more….
  7. New Product Development

    At Syngineering, we have the skills and experience to support your efforts through every stage of the development process — from concept to compliance. Our flexible approach, cost-effective processes, and dynamic solutions enable you to increase productivity, maximising Return On Investment (ROI).

    We design new products with durability, functionality, as well as ease-of-manufacture and assembly, in mind, to ensure cost-effective solutions for our clients. This includes:

    • Innovative product design, development, and engineering
    • Meticulous engineering design and drawings
    • Dimension management and complete structural analysis
    • Engineering change management and document control
    • CAD/CAE modelling
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Cost reduction
    • Weight reduction
    • Product localization
    • Equipment design
    • RPEQ Certification and compliance to Australian Standards, and
    • Much more….
  8. Our concept to compliance approach means we:

      1. Listen to your needs.
      2. Identify the most cost-effective solutions to your problems.
      3. Interpret your sketches/descriptions.
      4. Advise you on the relevant standards and compliance issues.
      5. Turn rough ideas and sketches into practical, cohesive simple designs.
      6. Take care of the design, engineering, fabrication, installation, electrical, commissioning and certification aspects as required.
      7. Ensure that all relevant Australian Standards are met and that our products and processes are fully compliant.

In short, we excel at breaking complex engineering problems down into little steps that add up to simple, efficient and effective solutions.

With Syngineering, you're not only getting a solution to your problem — you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that it will all be engineered, tested, delivered, installed, and RPEQ certified.

Call us today to discuss your situation. You're sure to find our team ready to listen and provide helpful,
well-informed advice.